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Doc and user guide

Online Tools for Tooway KA-SAT installers :

KA-SAT antenna


The Tooway KA-SAT portal for installers offers a space with all the information, links and documentation for Tooway installers.


All elements of the site are available via the menu on the Left hand side of the home page along with a space for a documentation center and to view all installation videos.


Other tools are available for the installers :

KA-SAT finder allows the installer to determine the line of sight and modem parameters. This site is available for use by P.C.’s, and all smart mobile phones, IPhone version is available on the Apple store and android version is available on the Google play store.

The Campus Tooway is an on-line E-Learning course which will be available in due course.

- KA-SAT Pointer is an application designed for antenna installers for the Tooway KA-SAT service. It optimizes the antenna pointing, configures and activate the modem without a computer using a smartphone. The app also allows the distributor to get an installation report with photos certified and secured. You can download the app for apple IOS and for Android. An user guide is available in English and French Italian, Spanish, German and Russian.

Youtube videos for KA-SAT Pointer :

How to plug and configure mini-router WIFI

- How to use KA-SAT Pointer

Tooway KA-SAT installation video:

An installation video is available for installers of approximately 20 minutes in length. The video shows how to install a Tooway terminal from start to end including multi-feed installation.

Videos are available on Youtube and Dailymotion for the 3 types of antennas : Top pole, Mid pole and PRO.

These videos are available in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Greek.


Tooway installers available on Twitter and Facebook :

- Facebook Fan page English

Twitter in english

Facebook fan page in french

Twitter in french

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